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Santa’s Crazy Christmas — Remington Goes Haywire! was first written as a script for a stage show, as the author of this video book is a Santa Claus during the Christmas Holidays.  When the pandemic hit, Skip wasn't to be deterred, so he rewrote the script first, into an ebook with audio, but there wasn't a platform for how he wanted it published.  After a few additional false starts he settled on a video-book with audio and singing.  All the images are drawn by Skip and he also did all the voices and singing in the video book.  Skip directed the music that was created by the very talented Kevin Kelly.

Santa’s Crazy Christmas —Remington Goes Haywire!  is a children’s zany, Christmas Story & Sing-Along Video-Book. Your Kids can listen & follow along with all the funny, haywire antics of Elfnāggle, Remington Robot and the Kitchen Krew, to the delightful angst of Santa & Mrs. Claus, and sing along with everyone’s Christmas favorites. 

Santa’s Crazy Christmas — Remington Goes Haywire!  was created as an Audio—Video Picture Book to give your kids the opportunity to use their own creativity and bring every page to life in their imagination. 

And, there’s a Lesson to learn, hidden in the story.  It’s like a little bit of spinach hidden under a Mountain of Christmas Cookies! 

Funny Dialog, Great Music & Fun Christmas Songs are all part of this magical, comical, musical Video-Book your kids will love watching over & over. 

Your children can Sing Along with all the characters, to Christmas Favorites and New Songs written for this Video-Book, with all the words right on the page.  So Click the Purchase Button above, and give your kids a fun, early Christmas gift. 

And all the Music is Original, and created for this video book, and it’s worth double the download price!  The custom orchestrations will astonish you. This Christmas Video Book was over 2-Years in the making and will last through your kid’s childhood and their kid’s, early years too! 

Folks & Grand Folks, you might want to watch it, too.  This Video Book was created with the same looney humor we laughed along with, when we watched wacky Bugs Bunny Cartoons when we were young. 

Santa’s Crazy Christmas is a Series.  There are two more Video Books ready to be released next year and the next, with the fourth & fifth books in the drawing stage.  And each Video Book will introduce new & fun Christmas Characters to delight your little ones, and this first one is only $3.49